Sweden's Top 3 Most Child-friendly Hair Salons

Are you looking for a child-friendly hair salon? Then you've come to the right place. Many parents are used to cutting their children's hair themselves, but sometimes it can be nice to go to a real hairdresser to get the job done. We have probed the range and found the best salons that go the extra mile to provide a great experience for the little ones.

Patricia Z. Hair & Beauty (Stockholm)

Patricia Z. Hair & Beauty

Patricia Z. Hair & Beauty is a cozy salon located at the heart of Östermalm in Stockholm. Patricia, who owns and runs the salon, has extensive experience in children's haircuts and also has a play area with books and TV to entertain your littlies. And perhaps best of all, when the children are busy cutting their hair, you as a parent can lean back in the massage chair in the comfortable lounge area of ​​the salon and enjoy a caffe latte. The price for a children's haircut is SEK 300-350 depending on the child's age (up to 10 years).

Studio 34 Kids & MiniSpa (Gothenburg)

Studio 34 Kids & Minispa

Studio 34 Kids & Minispa was founded by talented hairdresser Matilda Klingener, who has worked in the industry since 1993. The salon is completely adapted to accommodate children with colorful and sparkling decor. For the real little ones, there is a baby-friendly hairdressing chair with a bar and steering wheel.

Matilda is experienced in cutting children's hair and knows every trick in the book to get it done. Most of the time it is fine to cut while the child watches the iPad or plays with a toy. If that doesn’t work, there are soap bubbles and other bribes if needed. The child can sit on the parent's lap or stand up on the floor if he or she doesn't want to sit in the chair alone.

The price for a children’s haircut starts at SEK 220 and increases with age. There is also the "Sibling Haircut" when cutting two or three children where you get a discounted price. Lastly, the treatment "My first haircut" refers to the baby's first haircut where a curl is saved.

Klippolek (Malmö)


Are you looking for a child-friendly hair salon in Malmö? Then you should visit Klippolek. This salon is completely adapted to accommodate children. The chairs are replaced with cars, planes, trains, and strawberries (see picture above), and the waiting room is a big play area. During the haircut, the children can watch a movie, and the parents can sit back and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Upon leaving the salon, all children are offered a colorful balloon that they can take home. The price for a children's haircut starts at SEK 359.