How to Become a Qualified Hairdresser in Sweden


Working as a hairdresser comes with many perks, including a stable job market, the opportunity to work abroad, and the simplicity of starting your own business. It is also a socially rewarding and creative job where no two days are ever the same. To become a skilled hairdresser you need a solid educational foundation to learn about cutting, styling and color theory. Here we will guide you through the possible options you have to become a qualified hairdresser in Sweden.


Regardless of which path you choose to become a qualified hairdresser, there is one basic training (level 1), and another subsequent practical training (level 2) required. The basic training ends with a partial exam, and the practical training with a test called gesällprov, which both need to be completed successfully in order to become a qualified hairdresser.

You have three options to become a qualified hairdresser:

High School Education

There are many high schools, both state- and privately owned, which offer hairdressing programmes. You will complete the basic training (level 1) in three years, mixing theory with practical training. Upon successful completion of the partial exam, you can move on to the practical training (level 2), where you need to work 2,000 hours as a hairdresser at a salon.

Private Education

In case you rather complete the basic training at a private school, it is also fine. However, in order to become a qualified hairdresser, you need to make sure the school is approved by the Hairdressers’ Professional Committee (Frisörernas Yrkesnämnd). Upon successful completion of the basic training (level 1) you can proceed with the practical training (level 2) at a salon or yrkeshögskola.

Trainee Position

The last option to become a qualified hairdresser is to get your foot in the door at a salon and work as a trainee. You will then have a supervisor who instructs you while you are working as an employee at the salon. After working 2,000 hours you can take the partial exam, and after another 2,000 hours, the gesällprov.

Master’s Diploma

For those who would like to further develop their skills after working as a hairdresser for a few years, there is an opportunity to attend the Master’s program (Mästarutbildningen). To be accepted, it is required that you have successfully completed the gesällprov, and worked at least 10,000 hours as a hairdresser following the basic training. Upon completing the training, you can apply for a Master’s Diploma (Mästarbrev).

We hope this has shed some light on the possible options for you to become a qualified hairdresser in Sweden and wish you the best of luck!