Norrlandsgatan 7, Stockholm

Björn Axén was educated in Paris by the famous Monsieur Alexandre, and was the one to establish the hairdressing profession in Sweden. Björn was also the royal family’s own hairdresser for many years before he suddenly passed away in 1993. At that point, his former apprentice Johan Hellström unknowingly bequeathed his life’s work.

Björn Axén is without a doubt Sweden's most reputable hairdressing chain with several national and international awards, and a legacy that dates back to 1963. Today, Björn Axén also runs own series for hair care products and styling tools, as well as the renowned Björn Axén Academy, which has won the prize for best hairdressing academy in the Nordics.

Björn Axén is established in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. The salon at Norrlandsgatan 7 is the largest in size, housing more than 30 hairdressers.


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