Guide: Best Walk-In Hair Salons in Stockholm (2023)

Do you have time to spare at lunch or want to get a haircut while running another errand in town? Then you want to visit a walk-in hair salon. We have probed the range and compiled a list of the best walk-in hair salons in Stockholm. Let’s dive in!

Walk-In Hair Salons in Stockholm (Price Level: $$$)


Salong Vita VITA is one of Stockholm's most popular hair salons. The hairdressers who work here are skilled in their craft and are often hired for shows, events, and magazines. VITA is a full-service hair salon that always offers walk-ins. The salon is posh and luxurious and always does that little extra for its customers. For example, all treatments include your choice of beverage and a luxury massage shampoo treatment.

Price example: Haircut, SEK 880-920.


Salong Hej! Hej! is a simple and welcoming salon located in the heart of Stockholm, in Rådmansgatan, not far from Sveavägen. It houses a small team of experienced hairdressers who are experts in cutting and coloring. Children (up to 12 years) are offered haircuts at a discount. The salon offers walk-ins when time slots are available.

Price example: Haircut, starting at SEK 880.

Colours by Jenny Hansson

Colours by Jenny Hansson Colours by Jenny Hansson is a premium salon in Östermalm. They are experts in cutting, coloring, and styling. They have a strong environmental focus on everything from products to what is served. Worth mentioning is that Colours by Jenny Hansson has been awarded 'recommended company' by Reco six years in a row. Walk-ins are subject to availability.

Price example: Haircut, SEK 1,190.

Rufs och Kalufs

Rufs och Kalufs Rufs och Kalufs is a full-service salon in Vasastan that opened its doors back in 2003. It houses a small team of skilled and experienced hairdressers. Treatments include cutting, coloring, styling, highlights, balayage, permanent, and extensions. The customer reviews say that the hairdressers are both nice, attentive, and good at their craft. Walk-ins are subject to availability.

Price example: Men’s haircut, SEK 620 / Women’s haircut, SEK 780.


Clipp-er Clipp-er is a large and bright salon of 300 square meters located at Norra Bantorget. It houses close to a dozen hairdressers and suits the conscious customers who want the very best. Services include cutting, coloring, styling, and hair extensions. The salon has walk-in slots available most of the time.

Price example: Haircut, SEK 800-1000.

Mirres Frisörer

Mirres Frisörer Mirres Frisörer Mirres Frisörer is a popular hair salon at Fridhemsplan, Kungsholmen. It is run by the talented hairdresser Mirre Hammarling. She holds both a Swedish Championship title and two Guinness World Records. Her team of experienced hairdressers offers cutting, highlights, coloring, perms, styling, and hair extensions. Children and youngsters (up to the age of 17) get haircuts at discounted prices. Mirres Frisörer offers walk-ins subject to availability.

Price example: Men’s haircut, SEK 760 / Women’s haircut, SEK 880.

Walk-In Hair Salons in Stockholm (Price Level: $$)

Raw Hair

Raw Hair Raw Hair is a salon chain with venues in Vasastan and Östermalm. They offer most hair treatments but are experts in hair extensions and keratin treatments. Raw Hair encourages walk-ins, and you can even have your hair extensions done at walk-in as they have them in stock. They use their own Remy hair, AndrianaKuhl Hairextensions. Clients include celebrities such as Carola Häggkvist, Josephine Bornebusch, and Alexander Gustafsson.

Price example: Haircut, SEK 490-640.


BY JACOBS BY JACOBS is a popular hair salon in the middle of central Stockholm, run by the talented brothers Bashar and Jackob. They offer cutting, coloring, highlights, balayage/ombre, styling, and Olaplex treatments. Walk-ins are subject to availability.

Price example: Men’s haircut, 550 kr / Women’s haircut, SEK 750.


Salong Headzone Headzone is a hairdressing chain that has been in business for over 30 years. Today they have two salons, in Vasastan and Kungsholmen. Headzone always applies fixed prices and are expert in coloring, highlights, and hair extensions. Of course, they also offer haircuts. Consultation, washing, and styling are always included. You can choose to have your hair cut by a Junior stylist, Senior stylist, or Top stylist.

Price example: Haircut with senior stylist, SEK 490 short hair / SEK 690 long hair.

Walk-In Hair Salons in Stockholm (Price Level: $)

Klipp 61

Klipp 61 Klipp 61 is a budget-friendly hair salon in Kungsholmen that only takes walk-in customers. As far as we know, they offer the cheapest haircuts in the city. Klipp 61 suits the price-conscious customer who has a simple hairstyle that can be cut in 15 minutes.

Price: Haircut, SEK 170.


Cutters Cutters is a hair salon chain that offers good and quick haircuts at an affordable fixed price of SEK 349. They have a walk-in concept where you follow your place in the queue in their app and see when it's your turn. Cutters has four salons in Stockholm City: Gallerian, Grev Turegatan, Kungsgatan, and the Central Station. Cutters earned a 9.1 rating out of 10 based on 100,000 customer reviews.

Price: Haircut, SEK 349.

Adam’s Barberare

Adams Barberare Adams Barberare is a hair salon chain with three walk-in salons in Södermalm. They offer haircuts, beard trimming, and classic shaving at great prices. Good to know that students, children, and seniors get haircuts at discounted prices. Among the customers are several professional Swedish football players.

Price example: Haircut, SEK 250.

Hår 3000

Hår 3000 Hår 3000 is a full-service salon with two venues in Stockholm City. They have an experienced team of talented hairdressers who offer treatments at affordable prices. All treatments include washing and styling as well as scalp massage during shampooing. It's recommended to taste their delicious cappuccino made with fresh Lavazza beans.

Price example: Men’s haircut, SEK 445 / Women’s haircut, SEK 545.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on walk-in hair salons in Stockholm. If there is a salon you think is missing from the list, please contact us at We wish you a successful and pleasant visit to the hairdresser!

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