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Hairdressr helps you find the right hairdresser in Stockholm

Are you tired of leaving with post-salong regret? With about 6,000 hairdressers in Stockholm, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry though - Hairdressr got you covered! In our app we list hairdressers based on distance and rating. No matter your budget or treatment you are looking for, we are confident that we can match you with the right hairdresser.

Find hairdressers near you

In our app, available on Android and iOS, we list a large selection of hairdressers in Stockholm working at Södermalm, Östermalm, Vasastan, City / Norrmalm and Kungsholmen. You are presented with the most relevant hairdressers based on distance and rating. Furthermore, if you are looking for an exclusive, or perhaps more affordable hairdresser, you can easily go to the hairdresser's profile to see their price level.

Look at the hairdresser's portfolio

It is often suggested that a picture is worth a thousand words. Are you looking for a balayage hair color, short hair, lobe or perhaps extensions? By clicking the hairdresser’s profile, you can scout their portfolio to see if you are a fan of their work. In the bio section the hairdresser typically explains more in detail about their skills, experience and education.

See reviews and ratings

In the hairdresser’s profile you can read reviews from previous customers before you decide to book. A hairdresser with many good ratings and positive reviews is of course preferable.

Book an appointment in the app

Once you have made your choice, simply click the "Book an appointment" button in the hairdresser's profile. If this is your first time booking with us, you will have to register an account with Hairdressr before proceeding to the salon’s web booking system.

Ask for a free consultation

In case you still cannot decide after reviewing the hairdresser's ratings and reviews, you can often call the salon directly and request a free consultation before you make an appointment. It can give you a sense of your personal bond with the hairdresser, and if you have the same view about your hair. Remember to give the hairdresser all the information so that he or she will be able to assist you in the best way possible.

To get started with Hairdressr, head to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best hairdresser in Stockholm?

There is no definitive answer to that question since hairdressers have different skills, and customers have different hair types and preferences, including e.g. price, distance and personal service. Your goal should be to find a hairdresser near you that is an expert on your hair type offering their services at a price reasonable to you. Preferably, you also want to be able to bond with your hairdresser on a personal level. There may also be other aspects that may be worth taking into account depending on what you value – e.g. if the hairdresser uses organic products, or offers drinks and/or snacks with the treatment.

How much is a haircut in Stockholm?

We made our own study looking at the cost for a regular haircut compiling prices from more than a hundred salons in Stockholm. The average cost for a women's haircut is SEK 579, and for a men's haircut SEK 528. It is generally more expensive to get a haircut in the Stockholm city (SEK 768 for women's haircuts, and SEK 724 for men's haircuts), and cheaper to get a haircut outside the city (SEK 461 for women's haircuts, and SEK 405 for men's haircuts).

NOTE! Hairdressers in Stockholm often charge different prices for cutting short and long hair. In the study, we have generalized and equated the haircut of long hair with haircut for women, and haircut of short hair with haircut for men. It should also be mentioned that we have looked at the starting prices shown on the salons' websites.

In our app you get an indication of the price level if you go to a hairdresser's profile. It shows one ($), two ($$) or three ($$$) dollar signs.

Who is Bianca Ingrosso’s hairdresser?

In September 2019, Bianca Ingrosso declared on Instagram that she is going to Rania Barsoum to get her hair done. Rania is working at salon Sthlm Fagr at Östermalm in Stockholm. However, it should be mentioned that Bianca is also a client of celebrity hairdresser Adam Luckacs.

Are there any celebrity hairdressers in Stockholm?

Yes, there are several celebrity hairdressers in Stockholm. Besides cutting a lot of famous people’s hair, most of them also have ‘ordinary people’ as clients. With that said, it is often expensive and you must be prepared for a long waiting time to get an appointment.

Bobby Oduncu

Bobby is probably Sweden's most recognized celebrity hairdresser. Besides doing the hair for a lot of Swedish celebrities, he has also styled international superstars such as Pink and Sting. He is frequently hired as a stylist for well known Swedish TV productions.

Bobby runs the salon Bobby's Hair Studio as well as his own hair care brand Bobby Odunco Sweden, and has close to a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. The starting price for a haircut at Bobby's is about SEK 1,000.

In 2021, SVT released the documentary "Who the fuck is Bobby" by Nisti Stêrk. It details his upbringing with his Syrian family and orthodox father in Södertälje, and what it was like to come out as gay in adulthood.

Marwan “Marre” Hitti

Celebrity hairdresser Marre was first recognized by the public in the scandal-ridden TV show Paradise Hotel, which he won in 2005. It gave him media's attention, which he used to make a name for himself as a hairdresser in Stockholm.

Early on, he was trusted to cut the hair for celebrities such as Runar Sögaard, Elin Lanto and Malou Hansson, and today around 20% of his clientele consists of celebrities. Since 2010, he runs salon Bangs at Brunnsgatan 4, where ‘regular customers’ are also welcome.

To get an appointment with Marre, there is a waiting time of three months. A haircut at salon Bangs is said on the website to cost between SEK 800 and SEK 1,500.

Antonio Axu

Antonio Axu is a celebrity hairdresser who grew up in Botkyrka, and who now runs his own exclusive salon on Sibyllégatan, and commutes to Los Angeles to style American celebrities in Beverly Hills every three months. He has almost 30,000 followers on Instagram and also runs his own hair care and styling brand called Antonio Axu Hair Couture.

Already as a 21-year-old, he had the privilege of doing the hair for Crown Princess Victoria before a wedding she was attending, and a year later he became Nordic Champion as a hairdresser. His real breakthrough, however, came after dyeing Marie Serneholt's hair in the immensely popular shade "summerkissed" before her participation in Melodifestivalen 2010.

A haircut with Antonio costs around SEK 1,000.

Adam Lukacs

Lukacs is Sweden’s youngest celebrity hairdresser who has built his career in no time. At the age of 22 he is already trusted by celebrities such as Alice Stenlöf, Bianca Ingrosso, Zara Larsson and Johanna Nordström to style and cut their hair.

Lukacs studied to become a hairdresser at a college in Örebro, and later took a job at a salon in Stenungsund where he worked for 1.5 years. His career really took off when he was headhunted by Hairtalk’s CEO and moved to Stockholm. Today, he is employed by the company and works with their marketing. Besides his employment at Hairtalk, he is freelancing as a hair stylist for celebrities and makes influencer collaborations.

Lukacs has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram, where he uses the handle @adamlukacs. Currently, he only works with celebrities and does not accept regular customers.

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