Guide: Celebrity Hairstylists in Stockholm (2024)


There are serveral celebrity hairstylists in Stockholm. Besides cutting a lot of famous people’s hair, most of them also have ‘ordinary people’ as clients. But, it is often expensive and you must be prepared for a long waiting time to get an appointment. Check out our list below to learn how much they charge and what celebrities they have as regulars!

Bobby Oduncu

Bobby is probably Sweden's most recognized celebrity hairstylist. Besides doing the hair for a lot of Swedish celebrities, he has also styled international superstars such as Pink and Sting. He is frequently hired as a stylist for well known Swedish TV productions.

Bobby runs the salon Bobby's Hair Studio as well as his own hair care brand Bobby Odunco Sweden, and has close to a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. The starting price for a haircut at Bobby's is about SEK 1,000.

In 2021, SVT released the documentary "Who the fuck is Bobby" by Nisti Stêrk. It details his upbringing with his Syrian family and orthodox father in Södertälje, and what it was like to come out as gay in adulthood.

Marwan “Marre” Hitti

Celebrity hairdresser Marre was first recognized by the public in the scandal-ridden TV show Paradise Hotel, which he won in 2005. It gave him media's attention, which he used to make a name for himself as a hairdresser in Stockholm.

Early on, he was trusted to cut the hair for celebrities such as Runar Sögaard, Elin Lanto and Malou Hansson, and today around 20% of his clientele consists of celebrities. Since 2010, he runs salon Bangs at Brunnsgatan 4, where ‘regular customers’ are also welcome.

To get an appointment with Marre, there is a waiting time of three months. A haircut at salon Bangs is said on the website to cost between SEK 800 and SEK 1,500.

Antonio Axu

Antonio Axu is a celebrity hairdresser who grew up in Botkyrka, and who now runs his own exclusive salon on Sibyllégatan, and commutes to Los Angeles to style American celebrities in Beverly Hills every three months. He has almost 30,000 followers on Instagram and also runs his own hair care and styling brand called Antonio Axu Hair Couture.

Already as a 21-year-old, he had the privilege of doing the hair for Crown Princess Victoria before a wedding she was attending, and a year later he became Nordic Champion as a hairdresser. His real breakthrough, however, came after dyeing Marie Serneholt's hair in the immensely popular shade "summerkissed" before her participation in Melodifestivalen 2010.

A haircut with Antonio costs around SEK 1,000.

Adam Lukacs

Lukacs is Sweden’s youngest celebrity hairstylist who has built his career in no time. At the age of 22 he is already trusted by celebrities such as Alice Stenlöf, Bianca Ingrosso, Zara Larsson and Johanna Nordström to style and cut their hair.

Lukacs studied to become a hairdresser at a college in Örebro, and later took a job at a salon in Stenungsund where he worked for 1.5 years. His career really took off when he was headhunted by Hairtalk’s CEO and moved to Stockholm. Today, he is employed by the company and works with their marketing. Besides his employment at Hairtalk, he is freelancing as a hair stylist for celebrities and makes influencer collaborations.

Lukacs has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram, where he uses the handle @adamlukacs. Currently, he only works with celebrities and does not accept regular customers.